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About LibHTTP

LibHTTP is an MIT licensed library written in C implementing a HTTP/HTTPS server with websocket capabilities. The library also includes functionality for client connections to other servers. The LibHTTP library is based on the Mongoose(MIT)/Civetweb family of HTTP servers and shares code with these, although compatibility between function calls is not guaranteed. Please check the online documentation on this site about how to use the library.


LibHTTP is licensed under the MIT license. Therefore the library can be used in both open and closed source projects. Please consult the LICENSE file in the root of the source tree for more information about the licensing requirements.


The main repository for the LibHTTP library can be found on Github. Please note that this is the development tree of the library so it is not guaranteed that the code is always stable. If you require production ready code, it is better to download one of the release source packages which will be available at Github.

If you don't want to compile the sources yourself, downloading one of the pre-compiled library files from this site in the download section is also an option. Pre-compiled libraries are only available for the most common development environments though and have currently not yet been uploaded to the site.


The best way to discuss problems with the library is by raising an issue in the Github repository at

Lammert Bies