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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_connect_websocket_client()

httplib_connect_websocket_client( host, port, use_ssl, error_buffer, error_buffer_size, path, origin, data_func, close_func, user-data);


Parameter Type Description
host const char * The hostname or IP address of the server
port int The port on the server
use_ssl int Use SSL if this parameter is not equal to zero
error_buffer char * Buffer to store an error message
error_buffer_size size_t Size of the error message buffer including the NUL terminator
path const char * The server path to connect to, for example /app if you want to connect to localhost/app
origin const char * The value of the Origin HTTP header
data_func httplib_websocket_data_handler Callback which is used to process data coming back from the server
close_func httplib_websocket_close_handler Callback which is called when the connection is to be closed
user_data void * User supplied argument

Return Value

Type Description
struct httplib_connection * A pointer to the connection structure, or NULL if connecting failed


The function httplib_connect_websocket_client() connects to a websocket on a server as a client. Data and close events are processed with callback functions which must be provided in the call.

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