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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_form_data_handler

struct httplib_form_data_handler;


Field Description
field_found int field_found( const char *key, const char *filename, char *path, size_t pathlen, void *user_data );
The callback function field_found() is called when a new field has been found. The return value of this callback is used to define how the field should be processed. The parameters contain the following information:
key - The name of the field as it was named with the name tag in the HTML source.
filename - The name of the file to upload. Please not that this parameter is only valid when the input type was set to file. Otherwise this parameter has the value NULL.
path - This is an output parameter used to store the full name of the file including the path to store an incoming file at the computer. This parameter must be provided by the application to LibHTTP when a form field of type file is found. Please not that together with setting this parameter, the callback function must return FORM_FIELD_STORAGE_STORE.i With any other return value the contents of the path buffer is ignored by LibHTTP.
pathlen - The length of the buffer where the output path can be stored.
user_data - A pointer to the value of the field user_data of the structure struct httplib_form_data_handler.
The callback function field_found() can return the following values back to LibHTTP:
FORM_FIELD_STORAGE_SKIP - Ignore the field and continue with processing the next field
FORM_FIELD_STORAGE_GET - Call the callback function field_get() to receive the form data
FORM_FIELD_STORAGE_STORE - Store a file as path and overwrite that file if it already exists
FORM_FIELD_STORAGE_ABORT - Stop parsing the request and ignore all remaining form fields
field_get int field_get( const char *key, const char *value, size_t valuelen, void *user_data );
field_store int field_store( const char *path, int64_t file_size, void *user_data );
If the callback function field_found() returned FORM_FIELD_STORAGE_STORE, LibHTTP will try to store the received data in a file. If writing the file is successful, the callback function field_store() is called. This function is only called after completion of a full upload, not if a file has only partly been uploaded. When only part of a file is received, LibHTTP will delete that partly upload in the background and not inform the main application through this callback. The following parameters are provided in the function call:
path -
file_size - The path on the server where the file was stored
user_data - The size of the stored file in bytes
user_data void * The value of the field user_data when the callback functions were registered with a call to httplib_handle_form_request();
The user_data field is a user supplied argument that will be passed as parameter to each of callback functions


The structure struct httplib_form_data_handler contains callback functions for handling form fields. Form fields give additional information back from a web page to the server which can be processed by these callback functions.

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