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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_get_response()

httplib_get_response( conn, ebuf, ebuf_len, timeout );


Parameter Type Description
conn struct httplib_connection * The connection to listen on
ebuf char * Buffer to store an error message
ebuf_len size_t Size of the error message buffer including the terminating NUL
timeout int Time to wait for a response in milliseconds

Return Value

Type Description
int Success value of the wait


The function httplib_get_reponse() wait for a response from a remote server. A return value equal or greater than zero is an indication for success, a negative value us used to signal an error condition. A timeout can be specified which lets the function return after a specified number of milliseconds, even if no data is received from the remote party. If the timeout value is negative, the function will not return until data has been read or an unrecoverable error occurs.

Error messages are stored in a caller supplied error message buffer.

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