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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_get_server_ports()

httplib_get_server_ports( ctx, size, ports );


Parameter Type Description
ctx const struct httplib_context * The context for which the server ports are requested
size int The size of the buffer to store the port information
ports struct httplib_server_ports * Buffer to store the port information

Return Value

Type Description
int The actual number of ports returned, or an error condition


The httplib_get_server_ports() returns a list with server ports on which the LibHTTP server is listening. The ports are returned for a given context and stored with additional information like the SSL and redirection state in a list of structures. The list of structures must be allocated by the calling routine. The size of the structure is also passed to httplib_get_server_ports().

The function returns the number of items in the list, or a negative value if an error occured.

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