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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_modify_passwords_file()

httplib_modify_passwords_file( passwords_file_name, domain, user, password );


Parameter Type Description
passwords_file_name const char * The path to the passwords file
domain const char * The domain of the user record
user const char * Username of the record to be added, changed or deleted
password const char * Password associated with the user or NULL if the record must be deleted

Return Value

Type Description
int Success or error code


The function httplib_modify_passwords_file() allows an application to manipulate .htpasswd files on the fly by adding, deleting and changing user records. This is one of the several ways to implement authentication on the server side.

If the password parameter is not NULL an entry is added to the password file. An existing records is modified in that case. If NULL is used as the password the enrty is removed from the file.

The function returns 1 when successful and 0 if an error occurs.

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