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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_poll()

httplib_poll( pfd, nfds, timeout );


Parameter Type Description
pfd struct pollfd * List of file descriptors
nfds unsigned int Number of file descriptors
timeout int Timeout of the wait in milliseconds

Return Value

Type Description
int The number of descriptors ready for I/O or an error code


The function httplib_poll() provides a platform independent way to perform asynchronous I/O. A list with file descriptors is provided as parameter to the function call. When one or more file desciptors are ready to provide I/O the function returns with the number of descriptors which are ready. An error is indicated with the value -1. An optional timeout value specifies in milliseconds after which time the function should return, even if no file descriptors are ready. The value -1 as timeout is interpreted as an infinite wait.

On Posix compliant systems the call to this function is just a wrapper around the Posix poll() function. On other systems this function is implemented with own code to emulate the Posix functionality.

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