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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_pthread_key_create()

httplib_pthread_key_create( key, destructor );


Parameter Type Description
key pthread_key_t The key of the variable to set
destructor void (*destructor)(void *) Pointer to a destructor function to be called when the key is destroyed, or NULL if no destructor functionality is needed

Return Value

Type Description
int Integer value with the result of the function


The platform independent function httplib_pthread_key_create() creates a key to a memory area for thread specific data storage. The function returns 0 when successful and an error code if something went wrong. On systems which support it, the functionality is implemented as a direct call to pthread_key_create(). Otherwise own code is used to emulate the same behaviour.

Please not that on systems which don't support the pthread_key_create() function natively that the destructor parameter is ignored. For multiplatform execution you should check that this will not cause problems regarding the functionality.

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