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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_request_info

struct httplib_request_info;


Field Type Description
request_method const char * The request method used by the client for the connection this can be GET, POST or one of the other common HTTP request methods
request_uri const char * The absolute or URL-encoded URI as it was sent in the request
local_uri const char * The relative URL-encoded URI as it references the local resource. If the request URI does not reference a resource on the local server, this field is NULL
uri const char * Deprecated. Use local_uri instead
http_version const char * The HTTP version as mentioned in the client request. This can be "1.0", "1.1", etc.
remote_user const char * The name of the authenticated remote user, or NULL if no authentication was used
remote addr char[48] The IP address of the remote client as a string. This can either represent an IPv4 or an IPv6 address.
remote_ip long Deprecated. Use remote_addr instead
content_length int64_t The content length of the request body. This value can be -1 if no content length was provided.
remote_port int The port number at the client's side
is_ssl int 1 if the connection is over SSL, and 0 if it is a plain connection
user_data void * A pointer to the user_data information which was provided as a parameter to httplib_start().
conn_data void * A pointer to connection specific user data
num_headers int The number of HTTP request headers sent by the client
http_headers struct httplib_header[64] Array of structures with the HTTP request headers sent by the client
client_cert struct client_cert * Pointer to the client certificate information, when available


The httplib_request_info structure contains the client information of an existing connection.

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