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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_send_file()

httplib_send_file( conn, path, mime_type, additional_headers );


Parameter Type Description
conn struct httplib_connection * The connection over which the file must be sent
path const char * The full path and filename of the file
mime_type const char * The mime type or NULL for automatic detection
additional_headers const char * Additional headers to be sent

Return Value



The function httplib_send_file() can be used to send a file over a connection. The MIME type of the file can be specified in the function call, or will be automatically determined based on the extension of the filename if the mime_type parameter has the value NULL.

Additional custom header fields can be added as a parameter. Please make sure that these header names begin with X- to prevent name clashes with other headers. If the additional_headers parameter is NULL, no custom headers will be added.

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