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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_download()

httplib_download( host, port, use_ssl, error_buffer, error_buffer_size, fmt, ... );


Parameter Type Description
host const char * The hostname or IP address of the server
port int The port number on the server
use_ssl int Use SSL if this value is not equal zero
error_buffer char * Buffer to store an error message
error_buffer_size size_t Size of the error message buffer including the terminating NUL
fmt const char * Format string specifying the remote command to execute
... various Parameters used in the format string

Return Value

Type Description
struct httplib_connection * A pointer to the connection structure if successful and NULL otherwise


The httplib_download() function is used to download data from a remote webserver. The server address can either be specified as a hostname or IP address and SSL can be used if needed. If the function succeeds, a pointer is returned to a connection structure. The connection must be closed with a call to the httplib_close_connection() function.

The format string is a format string from the printf() series of functions to specify the remote command. An example to get the main index page from Google is the following call:

conn = httplib_download( "", 80, 0, ebuf, sizeof(ebuf),
"%s", "GET / HTTP/1.0

" );

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