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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_get_var()

httplib_get_var( data, data_len, var_name, dst, dst_len );


Parameter Type Description
data const char * Encoded buffer from either POST data or the URI of a GET call
data_len size_t Size of the encode buffer including the terminating NULL
var_name const char * Name of the variable to search for
dst char * Output buffer to store the content of the variable
dst_len size_t Length of the output buffer

Return Value

Type Description
int The length of the variable or an error code


The function httplib_get_var() returns the value of a variable which is passed to the server with either a POST method, or as a parameter in the URI of a GET call. The data pointer passed to the function points to a form-URI encoded buffer. This can either be POST data or the request_info.query_string. The name of the searched variable and a buffer to store the results are also parameters to the function.

The function either returns the length of the variable when successful, -1 if the variable could not be found and -2 if the destination buffer is NULL, has size zero or is too small to store the resulting variable value.

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