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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_get_var2()

httplib_get_var2( data, data_len, var_name, dst, dst_len, occurrence );


Parameter Type Description
data const char * Encoded data buffer from either POST data or a GET URI
data_len size_t The size of the encoded data buffer
var_name const char * The name of the variable to search for
dst char * Destination buffer to store the variable content
dst_len size_t The size of the destination buffer including the terminating NUL
occurrence size_t The instance index of the wanted variable

Return Value

Type Description
int Length of the variable contents, or an error code


The function httplib_get_var2() can be used to return the contents of a variable passed to the server as either POST data, or in the URI in a GET call. The function is somilar to httplib_get_var() but the difference is that httplib_get_var2() can be used if the same variable is present multiple times in the data. The occurence parameter is used to identify which instance of the variable must be returned where 0 is used for the first variable with the specified name, 1 for the second and so on.

The function returns the length of the variable content in the return buffer, -1 if a variable with the specified name could not be found and -2 if the pointer to the result buffer is NULL, the size of the result buffer is zero or when the result buffer is too small to contain the variable content and terminating NUL.

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