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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_websocket_client_write()

httplib_websocket_client_write( conn, opcode, data, data_len );


Parameter Type Description
conn struct httplib_connection * Connection on which to send data
opcode int Opcode
data const char * The data to be written
data_len size_t Length of the data buffer

Return Value

Type Description
int Number of bytes written or an error code


The function httplib_websocket_client_write() sends data to a websocket server wrapped in a masked websocket frame. The function issues calls to httplib_lock_connection() and httplib_unlock_connection() to ensure that the transmission is not interrupted. Interruption can happen the the application is proactively communicating and responding to a request simultaneously. This function is available only, if LibHTTP is compiled with the option -DUSE_WEBSOCKET.

The return value is the number of bytes written on success, 0 when the connection has been closed and -1 if an error occured.

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