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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_closedir()

httplib_closedir( dir );


Parameter Type Description
dir DIR * A pointer to a directory structure of an opened directory

Return Value

Type Description
int Success or error code of the operation


The function httplib_closedir() is a platform independent way to close a directory which was previously opened with a call to httplib_opendir(). The function returns an integer which indicates the result of the operation. The return value 0 is returned if closing the directory succesful. The file associated with the directory has been closed in that situation and previously allocated memory by the httplib_opendir() function is returned to the heap. The directory structure to which the parameter dir points will in that case be invalid and should not be further used by the calling party. An error is signaled by returning the value -1.

On functions which support Posix the httplib_closedir() is a direct wrapper around opendir(). On other systems the functionality of the Posix function is emulated with own code.

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