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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_readdir()

httplib_readdir( dir );


Parameter Type Description
name DIR * A pointer to name of the directory to open

Return Value

Type Description
struct dirent * A pointer to a directory entry structure or NULL on error


The function httplib_readdir() reads the next entry from a directory. The directory must have been opened earlier with a call to the function httplib_opendir(). If the next directory entry can be found, a pointer to a dirent structure is returned. If an error occurs or the last item in a directory has been read the value NULL is returned instead.

On platforms which support Posix the call to httplib_readdir() is a wrapper arround readdir(). On other systems the function is implemented with own code as a clone of the readdir() function.

After the last item has been read with httplib_opendir(), the directory must be closed with a call to httplib_closedir() to return occupied resources.

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