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LibHTTP API Reference – httplib_opendir()

httplib_opendir( name );


Parameter Type Description
name const char * A pointer to name of the directory to open

Return Value

Type Description
DIR * A pointer to a directory structure or NULL on error


The function httplib_opendir() provides a platform independent way to open a directory on a system. The function uses the Posix opendir() function in environments where that function is supported or emulates that function with own code for other operating systems. The function is either a pointer to a DIR directory structure if the call was succesful, or a NULL pointer if the directory cannot be found or an other error occured.

Reading individual items in the directory is possible with the httplib_readdir() function.

Please note that the httplib_opendir() function allocates memory and opens the directory as a file on most platforms. Closing the directory and returning the allocated resources after use of the directory is finished is therefore necessary. Closing a directory can be done with a call to the httplib_closedir() function.

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